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Bring Your Favorite Web2 Programming Languages to Any Blockchain

5. Batched Access

We release access in batches. If there's a delay in your access, rest assured, we'll notify you shortly.

Post-installation, activate the extension. You'll encounter a sign-in form — use the provided credentials to access.

4. Activation and Access

3. Plugin Installation

Search for the ChainsAtlas GO plugin in the VS Code extensions marketplace and install it.

After subscribing, you'll receive access credentials in your email.

2. Email Confirmation

1. Early Access

Subscribe to our early access list to use the beta version.

Getting Started

4. Compile and Run

  • Choose your programming language (C, JavaScript, Python, etc.) file.

  • Convert to bytecode with one click.

  • Input necessary arguments after compilation.

  • Click "Run" and dispatch bytecode to the Virtualization Unit.

  • Experience seamless execution on your preferred blockchain network.

3. Deploy Virtualization Unit

Once your wallet is linked, activate the Virtualization Unit. This specialized smart contract embeds the virtual machine essential for your Web2 code execution.

Link your crypto wallet with a quick QR code scan. Access your assets effortlessly.

2. Wallet Connection

1. Installation

Get started by adding the ChainsAtlas GO extension to your Visual Studio Code.

How to Use

Introducing ChainsAtlas GO

  • Bridging Web2 to Web3 effortlessly.

  • Run traditional code on various blockchains with our innovative Visual Studio Code extension.

  • Experience seamless integration and universal compatibility.

Unlock the future with ChainsAtlas GO:

Universal Compatibility

Supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and more.

Virtualization Unit

Smart contracts with virtual machines to dismantle development barriers.


Run Web2 code on diverse blockchains.

Key Features

At ChainsAtlas, we're revolutionizing the way developers interact with blockchains. Here's how:

ChainsAtlas offers a smooth experience by allowing you to execute the same code seamlessly across different chains, both EVM and non-EVM. No need to rewrite or restructure — just deploy and go.


Don't let your project be tethered to just one chain. With ChainsAtlas, you can effortlessly transfer your code execution from one blockchain to another, breaking the chains of dependency on a singular platform.

State Transfer

Language Versatility

With ChainsAtlas, boundaries in blockchain programming fade. Whether it's C, Python, or JavaScript, run your go-to programming languages on any blockchain without any adjustments. And we're continuously expanding our support for even more languages.

In the blockchain world, scaling is paramount. With ChainsAtlas, you're not limited to vertical scaling. Experience true horizontal scaling by parallelizing transactions across multiple chains. All while ensuring consistent state synchronization across all platforms, skyrocketing your transactions per second.

True Parallelism

The Network

Our Partners

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